About Us


Monks Ballyvaughan Seafood Restaurant & Bar has a rich history since the main house and ancillary units were built in the late 1800’s.

The house was the residence of Peter J. O'Loghlen who was a publican and Clare TD (member of the Irish parliament) for Fianna Fáil in the 1930's. Peter was a great friend of Eamon De Valera who was a frequent visitor to the house and regularly stayed overnight. (De Valera is one of Ireland’s most well-known historical figures. He served as Taoiseach (prime minister) and president of Ireland.)

In the 1920's the Black and Tans army threatened to burn the house down unless Peter changed his loyalties to support Britain, to which he replied, ‘you had better burn it now as I'm not for changing’, fortunately the building was never touched. (The Black and Tans’ role was to help the RIC maintain control and fight the Irish Republican Army (IRA). The nickname ‘Black and Tans’ arose from the colours of the improvised uniforms.)


Historically ballyvaughan pier was a port for deliveries for north clare. The O’Loghlen family were boat pilots for the bay as a great knowledge of the sea terrain was needed to be able to access the pier at lower tides. Imports of coal, food and medical supplies were all brought ashore and distributed from the very building that you are now in. Ballyvaughan Village was a thriving community of nearly 1,000 people then whilst now there are only 300 permanent residents or ‘locals’.

The O’Loghlen family resided here until 1980 when Michael and Bernadette Monk bought the premises. After the Monk family retired in the 1990’s the premises changed hands a number of times and was briefly closed before the current owners acquired the property in 2016. The building was then refurbished where the old and new were married to create a relaxed place to sleep, eat, drink and meet with family and friends.

We are very proud that Monks Ballyvaughan Seafood Restaurant & Bar still retains many old traditional features such as the wide walls and small windows.

Daniel Daly, our Head Chef is passionate about seafood, local produce and ensuring every experience at Monks Ballyvaughan Seafood Restaurant & Bar is of the highest standard. We hope you enjoy your time here at Monks and in our beautiful village of Ballyvaughan.